In an effort to improve their Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media coverage, I created a series of infographics for Jackpot 247 that explored different elements of gambling culture. The basis of each design was the same, using Jackpot 247’s iconic brand colours and distinctive font.

The process I used was to identify a variety of different subjects that would appeal to online-gamblers, and then to research those ideas so I had the necessary facts to develop my infographic. Jackpot 247 wanted something informative, but striking, and fun. I think I achieved this by creating an eye-grabbing top image, which was full with colour, followed by a series of additional factoids to keep people reading until the end.

It was important to me that I delivered the information I had researched in an interesting way so that it provoked the audience to read more. I believe this was achieved by formatting the chart information into a roulette wheel that also served as the predominant image.

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